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CFTC Releases Report on Oversight of Carbon Markets

By now, many of you have heard that the CFTC has released, on behalf of the Interagency Working Group for the Study on Oversight of Carbon Markets, the report mandated by Section 750 of the Dodd-Frank Act (you can skip to page 374). But have you read it?

According to E2 Wire, the report stresses that carbon markets will “function best if they’re open to a wide range of actors — as long as tough oversight is in place.” The working group’s summed-up recommendations for such oversight? “Rely on the existing regulatory oversight program, as enhanced by the Dodd- Frank Act,” and “ensure that appropriate oversight mechanisms are in place for primary and secondary allowance and offset markets.”

In addition to the CFTC, the working group that put together the report is made up of representatives from FERC, EPA, CFTC, SEC, and even FTC. Collaboration like this showcases the curious terrain to be traversed when energy and environmental law intersect with the world of financial law and market regulation. Consider this multi-faceted report representative of some of the more interesting things to be found on knowledgemosaic – from climate change risk disclosure in SEC filings to regulations detailing FERC authorization of public utility issuances of securities. As knowledgemosaic continues to broaden its content, access to these fascinating expressions of industry and agency interconnectedness will only grow.

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