This Week in Online Environmental Impact Statements: FutureGen 2.0

While Federal agencies are required to prepare Environmental Impact Statements in accordance with 40 CFR Part 1502, and to file the EISs with the EPA as specified in 40 CFR 1506.9, the EPA doesn’t yet provide a central repository for filing and viewing EISs electronically. Instead, each week they prepare a digest of the preceding week’s filed EISs, which is published every Friday in the Federal Register under the title, “Notice of Availability” (NOA). However, starting October 1, 2012 all EIS submissions must be made through e-NEPA. An EPA source says that as EISs begin to come in electronically, they will appear alongside EPA comments here.

In the meantime, we’ve done the dirty work for you. Below, we’ve located and linked to the EISs referenced in last week’s NOA. Please note that some of these documents can be very large, and may take a while to load.

You can read any available EPA comments on these EISs here.

* * *

EIS No. 20130109, Draft EIS, USFS, MT, Stonewall Vegetation Project, Comment Period Ends: 06/17/2013, Contact: Amber Kamps 406–362–7000. Website.

EIS No. 20130110, Final EIS (Appendices), USA, CA, Presidio of Monterey Real Property Master Plan, Review Period Ends: 06/02/2013, Contact: Lawrence Hirai 210–466–1594. Website.

EIS No. 20130111, Final EIS, NPS, OH, Cuyahoga Valley National Park Trail Management Plan, Review Period Ends: 06/02/2013, Contact: Stan Austin 330–657–2752. Website.

EIS No. 20130112, Draft EIS, FHWA, MO, South County Connector, Comment Period Ends: 07/19/2013, Contact: Raegan Ball 573–638–2752. Website.

EIS No. 20130113, Final EIS, FHWA, OR, OR 62: I–5 to Dutton Road, Contact: Michelle Eraut 503–316–2559. Under MAP–21 section 1319, FHWA has issued a single FEIS and ROD. Therefore, the 30-day wait/review period under NEPA does not apply to this action. Website.

EIS No. 20130114, Draft EIS, FEMA, CA, East Bay Hills Hazardous Fire Risk Reduction, Comment Period Ends: 06/17/2013, Contact: Alessandro Amaglio 510–627–7027. Website.

EIS No. 20130115, Draft EIS, DOE, IL, FutureGen 2.0 Project, Comment Period Ends: 06/17/2013, Contact: Cliff Whyte 304–285–2098. Website.

EIS No. 20130116, Draft EIS (Not yet available online – check back here for updates.), NPS, TX, Big Thicket National Preserve General Management Plan, Comment Period Ends: 07/01/2013, Contact: Erin Flanagan 303–969–2327. Website.

EIS No. 20130117, Final EIS, USACE, FL, Central Florida Phosphate District Phosphate Mining, Review Period Ends: 06/03/2013, Contact: John Fellows 813–769–7070. Website.

EIS No. 20130118, Draft EIS, BLM, ID, Jump Creek, Succor Creek, and Cow Creek Watersheds Grazing Permit Renewal, Comment Period Ends: 06/17/2013, Contact: Jake Vialpando 208–373–3814. Website.

EIS No. 20130119, Draft EIS, USFS, OR, Mt. Hood Meadows Parking Improvements (Twilight Parking Lot and Sunrise Maintenance Shop), Comment Period Ends: 06/17/2013, Contact: Jennie O’Connor Card 541–352–1255. Website.

EIS No. 20130120, Final EIS, USFS, AZ, Rim Lakes Forest Restoration Project, Amendment to the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests Land and Resource Management Plan, Review Period Ends: 06/03/2013, Contact: Christopher James 928–535–7301. Website.

EIS No. 20130121, Second Draft Supplement (Not yet available online – check back here for updates.), NRC, NH, NUREG–1437, License Renewal of Nuclear Plants, Supplement 46, Regarding Seabrook Station, Comment Period Ends: 06/30/2013, Contact: Lois M. James 301–415–3306. Website.

EIS No. 20130122, Final EIS (Have not been able to locate online.), MARAD, AL, ADOPTION—Garrows Bend Intermodal Rail, portion of the Choctaw Point Terminal Project, Review Period Ends: 06/03/2013, Contact: Kris Gilson 202–492–0479. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD) has adopted the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers FEIS #20040381, filed 08/10/2004.The MARAD was not a cooperating agency. Therefore, recirculation is necessary under Section 1506.3(b) of the CEQ Regulations.


Amended Notices

EIS No. 20130045, Draft EIS, USACE, 00, Update of the Water Control Manual for the Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa River Basin in Georgia and Alabama, Comment Period Ends: 05/31/2013, Contact: Lewis Sumner 251–694–3857. Revision to FR Notice Published 03/01/2013; Extending Comment Period from 05/01/2013 to 5/31/2013. Website.

EIS No. 20130072, Final EIS, FHWA, AR, River Valley Intermodal Facilities, Review Period Ends: 05/13/2013, Contact: Randal Looney 501–324–6430. The U.S. Department of the Army’s Corps of Engineers has adopted the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration’s FEIS #20130072, filed 03/21/2013. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was a cooperating agency to the project. Recirculation of the document is not necessary under 1506.3(c) of the CEQ Regulations. Website.

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