Solar Foundation Breaks Down Solar Jobs by State

Photo by Walmart Coporate. Some rights reserved.

Photo by Walmart Coporate. Some rights reserved.

Despite a lot of skepticism from the political right over whether or not President Obama’s push for “green jobs” represents a sustainable source of employment, new data over at Treehugger (and courtesy of The Solar Foundation) shows that there may yet be hope for a flourishing “green” economy. According to the Solar Foundation’s study, America now has more solar power jobs than coal mining jobs (for the first time ever!). There are now 119,000 solar employees in the country, and that figure is up by 13.2% from last year. However, as may be somewhat predictable, the concentration of those jobs is anything but uniform across the 50 states. Alaska, for instance, only has 80 solar workers, while California has over 43,000 (which represents over one third of the total figure, yowza!). And then of course coal mining has been something of an industry in decline domestically (as it appears to be the world over)… but still, this is an exciting prospect for the future of energy in the U.S.

The Solar Foundation data is also very cool and easy to read, and also features an interactive map that breaks down solar stats by state and job sector, among other factors. Go check it out!

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