Your Car is Stealing From You!

Photo by Hugo90. Some rights reserved.

Photo by Hugo90. Some rights reserved.

Bad news, commuters: According to new data from AAA, the cost of owning a car in America has officially snowballed to over $9,100 a year! Considering the median income for a U.S. citizen above the age of 25 is roughly $40,000 (and that’s only if they’re working full time), this figure is far from insignificant. By way of comparison, that figure rested somewhere around $7,8000 five years ago, and according to AAA it’s up two whole percent from last year. This, for perspective, is assuming a  yearly average of about 15,000 miles driven, and factoring in all cost parameters, such as fuel, maintenance, insurance, new parts/tires, etc.

Since we’re living in an age with eco-friendly, wallet-friendly car rental and DIY taxi services such as Car2Go (the former) and Lyft (the latter), and that bike lanes are being added and improved at light speed seemingly across the country (at least in most metropolitan areas), there’s never been a better time in American history (well, except maybe the early 1900’s) to ditch the car and find some alternate means of travel. In many parts of the country, summer is basically here: get your bike out of the garage and get some exercise on the way to work, then use the money you’ll save on fancy cocktails or plane tickets – because at least as of now, there’s no such thing as Plane2Go, nor are there sky bikes.

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