Fueling Concerns

Photo by Jim Crossley. Some rights reserved.

The East Coast is still recovering from the impact of Hurricane Sandy, and while rain and wind have moved north to Canada, new problems are emerging. Gas stations in the storm-affected areas of New Jersey and New York City are running low on fuel, in some cases resorting to rationing. Some stations were able to open, but had no electricity to run pumps. Others were fully functioning, but short on supplies due to local distribution issues in the aftermath of the storm. And a few are still unable to open at all due to being located in areas that are still flooded or otherwise inaccessible. Though demand seems high if you’re standing in a long line, the overall effect of the hurricane is predicted to be a decrease in gas prices due to a large short-term cut in the number of consumers. After all, if your car is floating in three feet of water or crushed beneath a tree, you don’t need to worry about filling up the gas tank.

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