Back in Black

oiled bird

Photo by Ingrid Taylar. Some rights reserved.

You may recall that last week the possibility of Hurricane Isaac stirring up oil from the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster was being debated. Unfortunately, it looks like the debate is over and the pessimists have won. The Associated Press reports that oil and tar balls have been reported in Louisiana, Missisippi, and Alabama as the storm surges and floodwaters from Isaac have receded. In Louisiana, 13 miles of beach were closed due to the presence of oil and fishing was restricted around the closed area. Samples of oil from both Louisiana and Alabama are being tested to determine whether they are a match to the oil from the BP spill. The Huffington Post noted that areas of Florida and Texas are also reporting the presence of oil. While the origins of all the reported oil have yet to be determined, things are not looking good for BP. Incidentally, the company moved last week to donate $1 million to the areas of Louisiana and Missisippi that were damaged by Hurricane Isaac. But if the new oil is found to have originated with the Deepwater Horizon, BP may have to pull out its wallet yet again.

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