As If Bullets Weren’t Dangerous Enough…

Photo by Kiril Kapustin, Some rights reserved.

Jenner & Block’s Corporate Environmental Lawyer Blog has a recent post on the lead content of spent bullets. A recent case against the EPA (Trumpeter Swan Society v. EPA) challenges the agency’s “failure to protect wildlife from lead poisoning” (according to a press release from one of the defendants).

Back in April, the EPA had denied a petition requesting “rulemaking for regulations that adequately protect wildlife, human health and the environment against the unreasonable risk of injury from bullets and shot containing lead used in hunting and shooting sports, which have the potential to cause harmful lead exposure to wildlife and humans.” This month’s suit wants de novo review of the petition.

Read the June 7, 2012, complaint here.

Read the response on the Shooting Sportsman community forum here.

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