Feast Your Eyes on the New Obama Energy Infographic

Graph by The White House. Some rights reserved.

Yesterday, the White House released a new infographic (fittingly titled “The Facts on Gas Prices”) that handily and eye-catchingly explains the current economic and environmental situation surrounding oil production and gas prices, from within the Obama administration. White House design team be praised; the thing is clear and concise in its language, the images are easy on the eyes and never cluttered, and most importantly, the information flows in a way that makes sense. All in all, a notable improvement on the administration’s last attempt at one of these things. To someone with even a moderate interest in oil, however, it all may sound a little familiar.

The graphic is quick to point out that domestic oil production is currently at the highest its been in eight years, and that dependence on foreign oil is in decline from the Bush administration. This comes in response to criticisms from the right that Obama favors raising gas prices and lowering U.S. oil production (this admittedly less aesthetically pleasing infographic from conservative news site RedState, on the other hand, criticizes Obama for a decrease of production in the Gulf of Mexico and on federal lands). The Obama graphic goes on to criticize oil companies for profiting on rising prices, and gives a quick 101 on crude oil and the unpredictability of oil prices and production on a global level before arriving at its final point: “WE NEED AN ALL OF THE ABOVE APPROACH” – a tagline that supports developments of sustainable energy and green technology while pushing foreign oil production “where appropriate and where it is done safely.”

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