EPA Releases First Batch of GHG Emissions Data

Image from Andreas Menge. Some rights reserved.

The EPA announced yesterday that they had made available for the first time greenhouse gas emissions data “reported directly from large facilities and suppliers across the country.”

Data included in the interactive tool so far include 2010 emissions from facilities that emit 25,000 metric tons or more per year of GHGs, reported to the EPA as of 12/16/2011. The tool lets you easily narrow by location, sector, facility name, type of greenhouse gas emitted, and amount of emissions.

Once you’ve narrowed it to a few facilities, you can pick one to see even more details. For instance, Seattle Steam Co, a power plant just a few miles from Knowledge Mosaic offices, had total emissions of 82,701 MT CO2e in 2010.

It’s a noble effort for a public agency, and the user interface is at times both slick and clunky. Using the filters is fairly straightforward, though navigating through the interactive map is rather difficult (unidentified numbers pepper the screen, and you are inadvertently jerked in, out, and around the state as you try to zoom in).

If you want to skip past the pyrotechnics and get straight to the data, you can always download it directly into excel here. Currently only summary data (“the most important, high-level information reported by direct emitters and suppliers”) is available, but the full set of data should be available soon.

How exactly confidential business information (which raised quite a stir here) from various sectors will be treated under the GHG reporting program remains to be seen. You can follow CBI developments here.

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