Green Thanksgiving

Photo by Terry Robinson. Some rights reserved.

Here’s wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from the Green Mien!

Lest you think we’d let you off easy, below are some articles from the World Wide Web on “How to Green Your Thanksgiving” (and maybe even some pop quizzes, too!):

Of course, most of the advice is applicable year-round, so why not let Thanksgiving be a kick-off for greener habits in general, and then when you sit down to eat, you can be thankful that we gave you such a nice heads-up.

So go forth and green up your thanksgiving travel, decorations, turkey (psych!), cooking, meal, and post-binge clean-up. (Thanks!)


Think you’re all set? Take a quiz!

How Green Is Your Thanksgiving Menu? from Mother Jones

Do You Give Green Thanks? from Planet Green

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