BLM’s Fresh Look at Oil Shale and Tar Sands

Photo by gordasm. Some rights reserved.

Late last week, the DOI’s Bureau of Land Management published a notice in the Federal Register expressing their intent to prepare a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) forAllocation of Oil Shale and Tar Sands Resources on Lands Administered by the BLM in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

This new planning initiative takes a fresh look at a 2008 Programmatic EIS and Record of Decision that opened up more than two million acres of public land for leasing and development of oil shale and tar sands. The BLM “intends to take a hard look at whether it is appropriate for approximately 2,000,000 acres to remain available” for such development.

Last week’s notice kicked off the public input process – input that BLM promises will be a “vital component” of the oil shale development program going forward. Several “scoping” meetings have been scheduled in the areas under consideration, and comments on the project can be submitted here. You can keep a close eye on BLM’s Oil Shale & Tar Sands plans here.

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