Candy is Dandy and Liquor is Quicker, but Mothballs Make You Sicker

The EPA is asking you to join in the investigation of Fuji Lavender Moth Tablets, a whimsically-packaged toxic pesticide from China that snuck past the U.S. border without EPA registration.

Pretty, pretty Fuji Lavender Moth Tablets. Photo courtesy of the EPA.

Nearly 5,000 packages of Fuji Lavender Moth Tablets were discovered in a warehouse in Kearny, New Jersey – all without an EPA-approved label. Lack of registration with the EPA means that a product may have not been thoroughly tested for toxicity, nor assessed for proper use and disposal. These illegal pesticide products may also contain unlisted ingredients. (Read more about illegal pesticide products here.)

What makes the already unfortunate infraction worse is the colorful packaging that may make these misleading “treats” appealing to children. According to the EPA, even inhaling the para-dichlorobenzene in these candy-like mothballs can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory distress and other illnesses. Swallowing it can damage the nervous system and, in extreme cases, can cause coma or death.

Drawing aesthetic comparisons between toxic products and delightful edibles reminded me of a poster in my doctor’s office growing up, which juxtaposed potentially dangerous pills with popular candies or gum. Thus well-informed, the holiday spirit never moved me to adorn my office desk with a bowl of green Ferrous Gluconate and red Mesoridazine.

The EPA is trying to determine whether or not Fuji Tablets have made it into stores. If you have seen or purchased Fuji Lavender Moth Tablets, you should contact them at 732-321-4461.

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